Great Balls of Fire


The sun is about 93 million miles from earth.

The sun is the closest star to earth.

The sun is a ball of gas that gives earth heat and light.

The temperature of the sun is around 60000 Kelvin.

It takes about 8 minutes for the light and heat of the sun […]

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How To Change the World


I am back to another commencement speech. This one may be the best of 2014. It may be one of the best ever.

You may have heard of this speech or seen bits and pieces of it on television. It is a bona fide hit!

If you have heard of it you probably […]

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Everyday Cook and Everyday Food


I met Julia on Twitter just a short while ago. She followed me and I followed her back because Julia was the name of my maternal grandmother. Twitter is like that. I follow people for the strangest reasons.

However, I soon discovered that Julia was a rare gem of a woman and human […]

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