How I Became Smarter Than Sheldon Cooper


What could possibly go wrong? And it happened again last night!!!!!

No. The Pink Panther did not strike again. It was far worse than that!

The 88th Academy Awards show was on TV last night.

Is there any TV show more boring, bland, and bloated than the Academy Awards?

I saved myself the […]

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The Dangers of Dieting


I have two related news items for you today.

1. Healthy Eating Disorder

Can you eat TOO healthy? Or more precisely; can you eat too much healthy food? Yes.

Healthy Eating Disorder, or Orthorexia, is an obsession for eating a restricted diet of nothing but foods labeled, ‘healthy,’ or foods the person thinks […]

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How Low Can You Go?


You know, I really don’t give a damn about men’s Low-T.

In fact, I am sick and tired of hearing about it! But I can’t escape the ads! They are everywhere: 50 times a day on my car radio and then I come home to dozens more ads on TV ay night. And […]

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