Skinny People Rarely Diet


I share two new interesting food research studies for you today and one quick, easy, and super delicious recipe.

1. Skinny People Rarely Diet

Did you know that skinny people rarely diet? Or so some researchers say.

What the researchers in this study found was that skinny people tend to listen to their […]

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Do the Gains Outweigh the Risks?


Which is best? Meat? Or vegetables?

I believe meat is best. However, I also think vegetables are important – a nice balance is best.

Even though each of us must answer that question for ourselves, we can make an informed decision.

For decades, especially in the USA, the powers that be said vegetables, […]

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In a Nutshell……………………….


…………It is SO good to be back blogging and sharing recipes with you all again. My Thanksgiving and Christmas gift all wrapped in one nice little package. 🙂



In fact, I am so happy today I am going nuts!!!!!

Well, nuttier than usual.

I have a confession to make. I […]

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