Wild Mushroom Crostini



I must have writer’s block or some thing because I could not think of anything to write about today.

But I have this fantastic quick and easy recipe I just HAVE to share with you.

I heart mushrooms any way, any how. So I would tell you every mushroom […]

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Happiness and Longevity



In last Thursday’s post, Don’t Worry Be Happy, I shared some recent research that indicated that our genes seem to be able to tell why we help others. Our genes it seems can tell if we do good for a higher purpose such as helping others, or do good for selfish reasons. […]

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What Is Enough For You?


I love spring.

I love the renewal and rebirth of life after the long darkness and cold of winter. I love the cheery colors of bushes and flowers blooming again. I love the warmth. Is there any better feeling than warm sunshine on your face? I think not.

There is vibrancy in the […]

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