What Is Wrong With Our Schools???


Is it just me?

Or does anyone else think elementary schools have gone totally and completely mental when it comes to disciplining and suspending students?

Schools are no longer about reading, riting, and rithmetic.

How quaint!

Today’s schools are all about arresting, blood and urine samples, and strip searching.

And not at high […]

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Is It Time To End the Low-Fat Myth?


Another study, this time from Harvard and The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), finds it is carbs, not fat, that leads to weight gain.

Harvard and the CIA set about to make a smaller muffin recipe that was healthier than those HUGE store bought muffins.

I have always said it is more how […]

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15 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping


The cost of food has been steadily rising for well over a year. In February, 2011 wholesale prices rose 3.9%, the largest monthly increase since November, 1974.

In July 2011 I complained because lemons were thirty-three cents each, more than double the previous year. Today they run fifty, sixty, even seventy cents at […]

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