Cornucopia of Inexpensive Recipes


As promised, today I am sharing recipes that use most of the inexpensive foods I listed in yesterday’s post. None of these recipes are new. They are all in the data base of the nearly 600 recipes here at More Thyme Than Dough. I know your time is valuable. So I have picked […]

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Miscellaneous, Updates, and Corrections


Since I want to inform you of these items in a timely fashion I will continue with the series People I Miss in my next post.

Today’s first item is an update or more precisely a continuation of these three posts: Popping Pills, Your Health forSale and the Medicare piece I published last […]

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How Many Pills Are Too Many?



In running this series on the drug industry, I am not suggesting in any way shape or form that you should stop taking your medicine. I do not tell people what to do. For the most part, I do not believe in ‘shoulds.’ Only you can make decisions about your health. “Be […]

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