Who Will Win This Race?

It wasn’t bad enough that we had Beyoncé faking singing the Star Spangled Banner at President Obama’s second inauguration. Her lip-syncing is the ultimate symbol for a failed and fake President and his administration as well as for the continuing decline of the United States of America.

Compare Beyoncé’s performance to a real singer […]

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Food Limericks and Poems


Today is just for fun and laughs. Limericks

1. I once bought a huge bag of rice

then thought that it tasted so nice

I bought thirty more

now my biggest chore

is setting the traps for the mice!


2. Most pizzas have cheese and I’ve found

that olives and chilies […]

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Nursery Rhymes In Disguise


JJust a little fun today. Plus a little challenge with a prize for the winner. See directions below.

Directions: How many of these Nursery Rhymes can you name? Use your vocabulary skills to decipher the nursery rhyme characters.

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

PRIZE – First person to get all […]

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