Can Exercise Be Bad For Your Heart?


Exercise is good for you and your heart. Or at least that is the mantra we have been definitely told for decades. No ifs, and, or buts!

Well, I read an interesting article from the New York Times (NYT) yesterday.

Now doctors at Louisiana State University analyzed the effects of exercise on overall […]

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Coffee Filters……. They’re Not Just For Coffee Pots Anymore!


Who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for $1.00, even the large ones.

And who knew the many uses from the kitchen to make-up help #12, to razor aids #14, to sewing #15 to stinky shoes #16.

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters […]

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Losing Nutrients


Are We Getting the Full Nutritional Value of Eating Our Fruits and Vegetables?

We are told from childhood on to eat our fruits and vegetables. They are healthy for us you know!

In magazines, books, TV, Twitter and any place doctors and dieticians congregate we are told how nutrient rich and […]

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