Too Much Information


I have a double treat for you today – a great post from my all-time favorite senior citizen, Maxine, and one fantastically wonderfully delicious recipe using two kinds of pork – bacon and bratwurst.

Maxine is complaining about all the emails she gets with health information in them. She is on overload.

From […]

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What Do Thanksgiving and the Super

Bowl Have in Common?


Yes, food.

Did you know that after Thanksgiving, which comes in first, the most amount of food eaten by Americans is on Super Bowl Sunday? (2nd)

And here you naively thought it was good football.

Yes, it’s that […]

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Food Limericks and Poems


Today is just for fun and laughs. Limericks

1. I once bought a huge bag of rice

then thought that it tasted so nice

I bought thirty more

now my biggest chore

is setting the traps for the mice!


2. Most pizzas have cheese and I’ve found

that olives and chilies […]

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