Caveat Emptor

Reality Check on Miracle Foods

I have cautioned readers about miracle foods and food studies in many, many different ways on this blog. Whether it was on the topic of super foods, salt, red meat, fat, or organic has more nutrients, to this new one, miracle foods can cure cancer.

I found this article […]

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Painting Christmas Cookies


It’s about that time of year. Soon Santa and his reindeer will be here. And we have to make sure that we have enough cookies to fill the jolly ‘ole man as he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve. Not to mention enough cookies to tide us all over till spring and sunny […]

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Valentine’s Day ~ Part Deux

Today I share a few more tidbits , trivia, and information about Valentine’s Day and another fabulous Valentine’s Day candy recipe.

I am doing so on this Wednesday, the 2nd day of February in the year of 2011 because I am trying to drown out the noise and news about what a […]

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