The Simplest Things In Life


My Favorite Cooking Gadgets

I am often asked what are the best kitchen gadgets to buy on a limitd budget. Or what are the basic gadgets I need to start cooking?

There are millions of gadgets. They come in all cost ranges from pennies to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

There was […]

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Is the Secret to Long Life Bacon?


The internets were all abuzz with the news:

105 Year Old Woman Eats Bacon Everyday!


Pearl Cantrell of Texas told a local NBC News station, “I love bacon and I eat it everyday. I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say.”

The mother of seven has […]

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Starvation Or Preservatives


Today’s post is a continuation of last Monday’s, Giving Simple Thanks For Our Food. In that essay I posit American food gets a bad rap. The way some people complain about our food and our food system you would think we were killing people for fun and profit.

Only people who have never […]

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