Can Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?



If you like wine as much as I do I have some absolutely, positively wonderful news for you.

Drinking red grape juice or red wine may help you lose weight according to some research done at the Ohio State University.



According to Science Digest:


One of the […]

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The Best of Times



Charles Dickens opens his magnificent love story, A Tale of Two Cities, set during the tumultuous French Revolution with these immortal words:

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.


In today’s world, even in the United States of America, we loudly complain about how bad […]

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The Historic Inns of Ohio #3


The Red Brick Tavern

America is and has always been a nation on the move.

In the eighteen hundreds as the young United States of America began moving and settling west the need for roads, inns, and restaurants was a necessity.

The east to west National Road was one […]

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