What Is Your Prediction?


The headlines are blaring at us:


Summer 2014 is the coldest in a decade 2014 on pace to be the 3rd coldest year on record in Toledo Coldest Dutch August in 30 years Brisbane – Coldest in 103 years July 2014 becomes the top tenth coldest on record Coldest summer ever? 2014 […]

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Food Freedom Update


Remember a few months ago when I ranted and raved against the new federal guidelines that regulate the kinds and amounts of foods school cafeterias can provide for students in the post, Give Me Liberty?

Well funny thing about that……..

As reported in the previous post many students were complaining they were hungry. […]

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Being Poor


The people who keep track of this kind of stuff keep telling me the Great Recession is over. Maybe on paper. Maybe for Wall Street. Maybe for our millionaire Congressmen and women.

However, for the millions of people who can’t find a job and who are falling below the poverty line […]

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