A Glorious Fall


A Picture Essay Part 1


After last year’s sorry fall colors this year’s colors were a glorious surprise. I thought after the horrific freezing cold we had last winter that Jack Frost had huffed and puffed all the color in the leaves to the Arctic Circle never to be seen again. Au […]

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What Is Wrong With Our Schools???


Is it just me?

Or does anyone else think elementary schools have gone totally and completely mental when it comes to disciplining and suspending students?

Schools are no longer about reading, riting, and rithmetic.

How quaint!

Today’s schools are all about arresting, blood and urine samples, and strip searching.

And not at high […]

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The Dangers of Dieting


I have two related news items for you today.

1. Healthy Eating Disorder

Can you eat TOO healthy? Or more precisely; can you eat too much healthy food? Yes.

Healthy Eating Disorder, or Orthorexia, is an obsession for eating a restricted diet of nothing but foods labeled, ‘healthy,’ or foods the person thinks […]

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