“I eat like a 6 year old,” says 84 year old billionaire Warren Buffet.

He says it is his secret way to staying young.

Buffet it seems, in contradiction to the advice of the National Institutes of Health, eats a high sugar and a high salt diet.

He drinks at least […]

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The Magic Envelope


I met Sarah through my job as the Candy Lady. Two summers ago she was working at one of the real estate offices I deliver candy to. She was working that summer in order to save money to go to college. She decided to go to my Alma Mater, Wright State University.

She […]

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We’ve Got It Bass-ackwards


Everything most of us think we know about food, nutrition, and healthy eating is all wrong.

Everything most of us have heard or read from researchers, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and the government about eating a low fat diet in order to be healthy is inaccurate if not down right lies.

Everything most of […]

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