Can Anything Good Come From the Recession?


While waiting in the doctor’s office recently I picked up an old Time magazine. There was an article that said that during this recession sales of bottled water had dropped for the very first time in five years.

That got me to thinking. Despite the hard times, despite stagnant wages despite high unemployment, despite people losing their homes, and despite homelessness can anything good come from this recession?

Is Bottled Water Safe?

I for one would be happy to see the bottled water craze make a permanent departure from the American scene. First of all, some plastic water bottles leach unhealthy and possibly dangerous chemicals into the water. Second, bottled water is too often no better than tap water. Furthermore, it is hard to figure out where the water really comes from or how it was chemically treated. I have read that some times companies just use regular tap water in their water bottles, and then gouge you with the cost.

17 Million Barrels of Oil

Did you know that “it takes more than 17 million barrels of oil  – enough to fuel 1 million cars for a year – to produce the plastic water bottles sold in the United States annually?”

My thinking has always been if there aren’t tadpoles coming out of my faucet, I am drinking tap water.      

So, my question still is could there be benefits to this recession? I think so.

The Library

I for one have rediscovered the library. What a concept. You fill out an application and they give you a library card. This card is like a passport to millions of books, magazines, videos, CD’s, and programs mostly all for free.I used to spend about $30 to $40 a month on magazines, most of which I threw away. Now I just go to the library and get the very same magazines for free. Sometimes I have to wait a few weeks for the most recent magazine. But eventually I can check it out. And I save $360-$480 a year!!  

Eat At Home More

I have read other articles that say that more families are eating at home during the recession. This is good for several reasons: more quality family time and less expensive.

Reality Shows Out

I also read that so called reality shows are not as popular on TV as they used to be. I guess the reality of a recession is all the reality people can live with right now.

Maybe this will mean more quality programming on television. Thank God. I have strongly disliked these programs from the get-go. I do not watch them. First of all reality is the first victim of these type shows. These shows are heavily edited to make a contrived story that will make money for the producers while some people are humiliated for the entertainment of others. These shows are almost an American version of the Roman emperors throwing people to the lions in the Coliseum.

I think these shows can make us immune to real life suffering of others; to wit: the dying man, a Good Samaritan helping someone else, who got stabbed for his good deed on the streets of New York City last week. Surveillance videos captured twenty people walking past him doing nothing. Even if they were afraid for their own safety, could no one even dial 911 while they walked past him? You can watch the video of all this by clicking the link above.

Don’t get me wrong. I like TV. And there are some good realty shows on TV: Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, Extreme Makeover come to mind. But I don’t watch those much either. I much prefer to get my escapism curled up with a well written mystery novel or the fresh, well done, and humorous escapism of Burn Notice, or the non-stop laughs of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Another way Americans are coping with the recession is reevaluating their spending priorities. They are saving more and using credit cards less. That is not all bad.


So what do you think? What changes in life style have you made during this recession? Do you think any thing good will come out of this recession? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Featured Recipe          Chicken Fajitas

Today I am cooking and serving up Chicken Fajitas. This recipe is  a little more expensive than most of the recipes I have posted to date. But they are worth it. And so are you.  I hope you enjoy them.

This is as quick and easy a chicken fajita recipe you will find anywhere. So it is perfect for busy week nights.

This recipe is for 2 people and makes 4 fajitas. The recipe can easily be doubled even tripled.

This is what you will need for 2 people:

2-3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts

3-5 teaspoons olive oil

Spray vegetable oil

Salt & pepper to taste

Your favorite fajita seasoning

One-half each red, yellow, orange, and green bell peppers sliced into strips

One medium onion sliced

2-3 garlic cloves sliced

Flour tortillas


sour cream

shredded cheddar cheese



lemons and/or limes

Here is what you do:

Heat your broiler.

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lightly spray it with a bit of oil.

Lightly rub some of the olive oil on chicken breasts and place them on the baking sheet.

Sprinkle them with some salt and pepper and the fajita seasonings to taste.

Broil them without turning until cooked through about 7-8 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.

On another aluminum foil lined baking sheet that has been lightly sprayed with oil, toss the sliced bell peppers, the onions, and the garlic with some of the olive oil; sprinkle a bit of your fajita seasonings on them as well.

Roast them in a 450 or 500 degree oven until everything begins to brown nicely,  tossing with a pair of tongs several times.

When the peppers are charred to your liking slice the chicken breasts into thin strips and place on a tortilla.

Add the pepper mixture on top and then add your favorite Extras.

Roll the tortillas up, eat, and enjoy.

Bon appétit!!!


3 chicken breasts                              $2.25

3-5 teaspoons olive oil                       $0.35

Spray vegetable oil                            $0.26

 Salt and pepper                                    

Fajita seasoning                                $0.21

Assorted colored peppers                   $2.33

One medium onion sliced                    $0.33

2-3 garlic cloves sliced                        $0.24

3 flour tortillas                                   $0.57


sour cream                                        $0.21

shredded cheddar cheese                    $0.30

lemons and/or limes                           $0.24

Total cost for 2 people:       $7.29
Cost per person:                  $3.65

Quote of the Day

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

Mother Teresa


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2 comments to Can Anything Good Come From the Recession?

  • These fajitas look really tasty! They’re a great dish to serve to kids – they get to “make their own” and eat with their hands 🙂

    Can anything good come of the recession? Well, technically I suppose my daughter came from the recession – we would never have decided to have her if my husband was still in a job where he was travelling extensively. And I do think that peoople cooking at home more and eating at home more often can only be to the greater good.

    • Roberta

      Yes, FK, fajitas are a great meal to make with children.

      What a sweet thing to say about your daughter. Despite the recession I hope she has a blessed and lovely life. I know with you for a mother she will have a life with delicious food.