An Open Letter To Twitter


I recently was put in Twitter Jail for supposedly sending too many tweets in an unspecified period of time. None of the tweets were automated or scheduled. Nor were they the same tweet sent over and over again. I was simply having conversations with friends and followers I had not ‘spoken to’ in over 24 hours.

I do not understand this Jail system of yours. Sometimes I have hour-long conversations and send far more tweets than I did on the evening in question, yet I did not get put in jail. Sometimes other Tweeters seem to have hundreds of tweets every hour. I mean they have one tweet right after the other in an never ending list.  It makes no sense.

How and why do you decide when to put someone in jail? These rules or this process should be open and applied the same way to everyone across the board. To me they seem to be arbitrary.

I feel like I am being hassled for doing what I thought Twitter was originally created for – to interact with others.

Yet you put me in jail.  I have spoken to many of my Twitter friends about this and they agree. One pointed out:

“… would be a fiendishly difficult job to check the posts of us ordinary folk for ‘spamminess’…so, checking the known spammers’ habits would make more sense. Think of the bots you’ve seen recently: they have cookie-cutter bio lines, which would be easy to skim for. Then, too, if all anyone does is post the SAME text with a URL, I’d say it’s pretty obvious they must be spammers. Jail THEM, not regular people in the midst of conversations.”

That makes perfect sense to me.

Why can’t you make a change the people really want!

Here is an example: One day last week, I received a notice in my Interactions Stream from you that 15 new people had followed me. Yet when I checked them out 13 of the 15 were spammers. I had to waste my time checking these “followers” out, report and block them to protect the integrity of my account.

Why don’t you spend as much time stopping spammers from ever signing up for Twitter in the first place as you do the few times I send more than 100 tweets in an hour?

Now don’t get me wrong!

I adore Twitter.

What I mean when I say that is I adore my followers and those who follow me. They are the smartest, funniest, and bestest friends any gal could ever want or hope for.

These ordinary everyday wonderful people and friends all over the world keep me coming back to Twitter.

Please don’t lose sight of that in all the changes you make.


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