Alphabet Stew


Alphabet Stew 

By Jack Prelutsky


Words can be stuffy, as stick as glue,

But words can be tutored to tickle you too,

To rumble and tumble and tingle and sing,

to buzz like a bumblebee, coil like a spring.


Juggle their letters and jumble their sounds,

Swirl them in circles and stack them in mounds,

Twist them and tease them and turn them about,

Teach them to dance upside down, inside out.


Make mighty words whisper and tiny words roar

In ways no one ever had though of before;

Cook an improbable alphabet stew,

And words will reveal little secrets to you. 


Just 26 Letters

I end Back to School Week with a look at words and more importantly,  the power of words.

When we as parents or teachers  we set out to teach our children their ABC’s, in the English language that is just 26 simple letters. And we never know where this lesson will lead.

These 26 letters make up, according to Oxford Dictionaries, about a quarter of a million words.


These 26 simple letters can be fashioned into a great novel like Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, a revolutionary document like The Declaration of Independence, an inspiring speech like Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream, or that incomparable non-fiction literary masterpiece, The Education of Henry Adams.

You never know where those 26 letters will lead or what they will cause to happen.

Words have the power to move us to laughter and tears, move a fledging nation to over throw an empire, inspire a nation to live up to it’s ideals, and to forever learn and grow.

It is not just novels, declarations, speeches, and diaries. Today there is that new creation – the blog.

In blogs all across the world ordinary citizens are writing about their lives, their world, and their interests and with the click of a button on a computer, instantaneously publish those words to millions of people around the globe. We are truly becoming a world community.

And the computer on which we publish these blogs has its own language and code – or numbers – that make it all possible. 

Where this new technology will finally take us, no one knows for sure.

But we do know, as in ages past, it will begin with learning the 26 letters of the alphabet and fashioning them into words, ideas, and ideals.




Learning, education, schools and teachers are all important to the quality of this nation and of the world. Appreciate what you have. Don’t lose it.


Featured Recipe              Peachy Keen

Costs of groceries keep rising. Fruits and vegetables are affected as is meat. The cost of electricty and means of heating and cooling are also rising. When will it end? Will it end? Looks like it won’t for some time.

So what’s a gal to do? Well I say when life hands you lemons make………………dessert, of course.

And few desserts satisfy like ice cream. So today I share a recipe using ice cream.

This is less a recipe than a method. While I am using peaches and peach ice cream, you can use any flavor and fruit combination you want and like.

You can also use and flavor cookie you want. I used Almond Crunch cookies today. Amaretti cookies or ginger snaps are also excellent to use. Use anything you like!

Today I tended to choose what was least expensive.

I once used lime sherbet with sliced Bing cherries. Pretty, colorful, and delicious.

This is so quick and easy it is a perfect dessert to whip up on busy week nights. Your family will be impressed for sure.

This is what you will need for 2 people:

Some ice cream

Some fresh fruit

About 2 cookies 

Here is what you do:

Wash the peach and cut in half. Remove the pit.

Put the cookies in a plastic bag. You might notice; one of the cookies you see in the picture above is missing in the bag below. That is because I ate it.

 Using a rolling pin or mallet, pound the cookies until they crumble. I put the bag on a towel to lower the noise level and to protect the kitchen counter.

NOTE: This is a great way to relive stress and frustration. Pound and bang away!!!! Cooking as therapy is a good thing.

Place a scoop or two of ice cream in a chilled dessert bowl.

Place one half of the peach in the bowl with the ice cream. Sprinkle some of the crushed cookies over the ice cream.

Voilà! Instant dessert.

Serve. Eat. Say “Mmmmmmmm.”

Bon appétit!!!


Some ice cream                   $2.72

Some fresh fruit                   $0.73

About 2 cookies                    $0.20

Total cost = $3.65
Cost per person = $1.83

Quote of the Day

Success is that old ABC — ability, breaks, and courage.

Charles Luckman (US architect and industrialist 1910-1999)


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