Welcome to More Thyme Than Dough, a cooking and recipe blog for people looking for budget friendly recipes during this Great Recession.

Along with budget friendly recipes More Thyme Than Dough serves up a lively side dish of commentary on life here in America during this Great Recession.

For years I have joking called myself The Single Chef because I am single. I generally cook just for myself. Over the years I have found or adapted and even created a few recipes for one or two. There are so few good recipes out there for one of the largest and most under-served demographic groups in America today. I often thought about creating a blog called The Single Chef. © But I never did anything about it.


Then one day I read an article in the Columbus Dispatch that reported that food stamps were losing their stigma during the Great Recession as more and more people from the middle class have to use them just to be able to feed their families. A few days after reading that article I also read the same thing in an on-line article from the New York Times. Then I read in Politics Daily how much money the average food stamp recipient receives and I cite those figures in my first blog post, $1000+ a Week Vs $25 a Week. The numbers appalled me. How can the greatest Republic in the world, the United States of America,  have a middle class that has to rely on food stamps to feed their children and themselves? And how can the richest nation on the face of the earth tolerate having citizens who have only $25 a week for food? That is when daydreams of a blog turned to action. Thus was born More Thyme Than Dough.

I came to cooking slowly. Why learn to cook when I had a mother who was one of the greatest cooks ever and who fed me regularly?  I did some cooking as a child. But my mother was the original Marie Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond.  And I say that with love. My mother did not want anyone messing up what she did in her kitchen and seldom shared her recipes. But when I graduated college and went out on my own I  had to learn to cook for myself. And over time, over much time, I learned and grew good at it. Not great, mind you, but good. It must be in the genes. And I ate well. No constant fast food or take out for this single gal. I fixed great recipes and ate very well.

Learning those skills through the lush but mostly during the lean times I learned a lot about cooking and eating well on a tight budget. It is these skills I want to share with others. I have been there. I hope I can help share the many blessings I have received throughout my life.

I will be sharing recipes with you from cook books I have used and will give proper attribution when I do so. Sometimes I will share recipes that I adapted from a particular cook book and I will tell you when I do that as well. Sometimes I will share a recipe from a newspaper or magazine that I cut out years ago for my personal use never knowing that one day I might need to let people know where I got the recipe. I also have dozens of recipes that friends and family have shared with me and I have no idea where to attribute these recipes. I do have a few original recipes as well.

If you have a recipe to share by all means share it in the comments section of the blog. We would love to hear from you.

Roberta   March


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