Are You Watching?


It is glitzy.

It is glamorous.

It is garish.

It is too long.

It is narcissistic.

It is self- congratulatory.

It is way, way, way too long.

And it is boring.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about the Academy Awards; that perennial bloated TV extravaganza where the preening […]

Henry Eulogy

Henry Weisl was a special friend. Henry was a special human being. He had a heart as big as the plains of Kenya where he and I first met. We hit it off immediately.

We were both birders. He was a substitute teacher in his retirement years. I had been a teacher years before. […]

Can Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?



If you like wine as much as I do I have some absolutely, positively wonderful news for you.

Drinking red grape juice or red wine may help you lose weight according to some research done at the Ohio State University.



According to Science Digest:


One of the […]