We’ve Got It Bass-ackwards


Everything most of us think we know about food, nutrition, and healthy eating is all wrong.

Everything most of us have heard or read from researchers, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and the government about eating a low fat diet in order to be healthy is inaccurate if not down right lies.

Everything most of […]

A Glorious Fall

A Picture Essay Part 2 ~ Fall Flowers


Definitely Part 2 of A Glorious Fall is second best at best. These pictures definitely deserve the left-over moniker, even the term ‘junior varsity,’ or JV.

However, all nature is beautiful to me. So hopefully you will find a few pictures you like here today.


A Glorious Fall


A Picture Essay Part 1


After last year’s sorry fall colors this year’s colors were a glorious surprise. I thought after the horrific freezing cold we had last winter that Jack Frost had huffed and puffed all the color in the leaves to the Arctic Circle never to be seen again. Au […]