The Historic Inns of Ohio #3


The Red Brick Tavern

America is and has always been a nation on the move.

In the eighteen hundreds as the young United States of America began moving and settling west the need for roads, inns, and restaurants was a necessity.

The east to west National Road was one […]

My New Hero





Featured Recipe Easy Roast Chicken

Saw this recipe on Facebook several weeks ago. Tried it once and it is a winner. Best of all it is quick and easy and so worth cranking up the oven to roast on a hot summer’s day. Just crank up the air conditioner a […]

What Is Wrong With Our Schools???


Is it just me?

Or does anyone else think elementary schools have gone totally and completely mental when it comes to disciplining and suspending students?

Schools are no longer about reading, riting, and rithmetic.

How quaint!

Today’s schools are all about arresting, blood and urine samples, and strip searching.

And not at high […]