How Do You Get Up

How Do You Get Up When Life Lets You Down?



Bringing a giraffe into the world is a tall order. A baby giraffe falls 10 feet from its mother’s womb and usually lands on its back. Within seconds it rolls over and tucks its legs under its body. From this position […]

Keeping Up With the Latest Food News


I have been hoarding some food news for a month or so. None of these topics merited a full post. However, I thought you might be interested in some of the information and these stories.

The topics range from more bogus research – this time about fish, to people abusing prescription drugs, to […]

Why D-Day Still Matters


Tomorrow, June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Why does this matter? I mean it was just another war. Right?

I don’t think so. D Day is a special day in history.

No one likes war.

And our Founding Fathers wished and hoped America would stay out of the never […]