Do You Believe in Fortune Telling?


I am having visions today. My psychic powers are at an all time high. My crystal ball is going bizerk!. And I dropped all of my Tarot Cards.

They all tell me there are new things afoot at More Thyme Than Dough.

Yes. I have made some changes to More […]

What Do Thanksgiving and the Super

Bowl Have in Common?


Yes, food.

Did you know that after Thanksgiving, which comes in first, the most amount of food eaten by Americans is on Super Bowl Sunday? (2nd)

And here you naively thought it was good football.

Yes, it’s that […]

Raspberry Covered Chocolate


Featured Recipe Raspberry Covered Chocolate

This is the touchdown of all touchdowns dessert for your Super Bowl table!

Fruit and chocolate. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

I can’t really call this dessert a recipe or even cooking. It is just so easy to make. And it […]