So Sad


Three Food Headlines and Sad News

I found these four articles interesting and thought you might too.


1. The Science Daily headline says it all:

Protein-Rich Breakfast Helps Curb Appetite Throughout the Morning

Nov. 14, 2013 — While Americans generally consume enough protein, they tend to eat a small amount at breakfast, […]

Food Limericks and Poems


Today is just for fun and laughs. Limericks

1. I once bought a huge bag of rice

then thought that it tasted so nice

I bought thirty more

now my biggest chore

is setting the traps for the mice!


2. Most pizzas have cheese and I’ve found

that olives and chilies […]

Is Santa Here Yet?


Traditions are important. Traditions help us feel connected to each other. They are familiar. They are something we look forward to. In crazy uncertain times traditions are the glue that help hold families, societies, and even countries together. They are shared values, beliefs, customs and activities.

No. Santa is not here yet. However, […]