Who Gets the $36,000?

Dateline: Columbus Ohio September 25, 2013

Last October a man won $36,000 at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio and was subsequently robbed of his winnings in the parking lot of the casino by two men.

Yesterday the two robbers were each sentenced to ten years in jail […]

Still Living Laughing and Loving


An Open Letter to Women’s Clothes Manufacturers:


Dear Sir:

Why do you make such ugly clothes in such drab colors for me?

I am 67, sir. I am not dead!

My body has changed shape.


I am still living, laughing, and loving.

And I want […]

The Historic Inns of Ohio

The Golden Lamb


Today I begin a series of posts on the historic inns of Ohio. There are dozens of these inns and taverns throughout the state. Some are just restaurants and some are also hotels. These old inns once sheltered and fed stagecoach travelers as well as travelers on horse back.

I […]