Tips For the Beginning Cook


The other day some one sent me a tweet asking if I had any tips for the beginning cook.

I thought for a while and then replied something like, “Just do it.”

The Tweep who asked me replied, “So it is just like writing. The more you do […]

Benefits of Protein


I love Men’s Health magazine. And no, it is not because there are pictures of gorgeous men in various levels of dress and undress.

It is simply because they have some of the best heath information out there.

OK! So maybe the hunks in bathing suits and work out gear are a part […]

Having Your Chocolate and Eating It Too


The news about the health benefits of eating high quality dark chocolate just keeps getting better and better.

Who ever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

We already know from previous studies that eating an ounce of dark chocolate a day can improve heart […]