The Latest Food News


It has been a while since I shared any news from the food world. So I have a wonderful round up for you today.


1. Artificial Sweeteners No Better Than Real Sugar – May Be Worse

Alas! Yes.

[The] studies in humans have shown that consumption of artificially sweetened beverages is also […]

Happy Birthday To Me


I am 67 years young today.


I feel like I am 18. Eighteen with 49 years of experience that is. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Some people may say, “Over the Hill,”

I say, “Only Just Begun.”

Recently, well last winter when it was cold, blustery, and snowy outside and […]

My Most Memorable Meal


What makes a meal memorable?


Good food of course. But strangely enough, good food is not enough.

I have had many outstanding dishes that were superbly delicious and tasty; food that was so heavenly gratifying that I did not want to swallow it but let it roll around my mouth and tantalize […]