Don’t Know Much About History



On TV I see those Jay Leno ‘Man on the Street” like interviews where people can’t even identify the first words of the Star Spangled Banner, or don’t know who the first President of the United States is. He is not the only one who conducts such interviews. There are several folks […]

The Simplest Things In Life


My Favorite Cooking Gadgets

I am often asked what are the best kitchen gadgets to buy on a limitd budget. Or what are the basic gadgets I need to start cooking?

There are millions of gadgets. They come in all cost ranges from pennies to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

There was […]

Dammit Dammit Dammit !


Many of you know officially I am retired, but I do have a wonderful part time job. Officially I am in marketing. Unofficially I am known as The Candy Lady.

My main job duty is to visit sixty some real estate offices every week and deliver and fill up a bowl with candy. […]