Can You Achieve Immortality?


Late last week I learned that my 93 year old next door neighbor and good friend for the past five years, Frank has lung cancer. Doctors give him two months.

We all know that some day we shall die. But we usually try not to think about it by living busy lives in […]

Everyday Cook and Everyday Food


I met Julia on Twitter just a short while ago. She followed me and I followed her back because Julia was the name of my maternal grandmother. Twitter is like that. I follow people for the strangest reasons.

However, I soon discovered that Julia was a rare gem of a woman and human […]

Good News


It’s Finally OK To Eat Something Delicious!


The Food Scolds and the Food Police keep telling us Americans are getting too fat, too heavy, too obese and unhealthy. We must, even by coercion if necessary, lower, even cut out all together, all good tasting food from out diets.

High on their list […]