Everyday Cooks and Everyday Foods


As you can tell from all of the great recipes my Twitter friends have shared with us, there are a lot of great cooks on Twitter. Today’s Everyday Cook and Recipe is no exception.

Yes, Sookietex is another Twitter friend. She lives in the Big Apple. She is friendly and nice to everyone […]

Steak Sandwich


Just a recipe today. The warmer weather has me turning lazy and so I wrote no blog post today.

Plus I don’t want to do or write anything that takes away from today’s totally fantastic recipe!

Featured Recipe Steak Sandwich

This sandwich is insanely delicious! Pure one-hundred percent comfort food.

It is […]

What Would Jefferson Say?


The 270th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson on April 13th is just a few days away.

I wrote about my favorite President, author of The Declaration of Independence, a few years ago. You can read it at this link: The Sage of Monticello.

Today I am honoring our third President simply […]