Everyday Cooks and Everyday Foods


The one thing this Everyday Cooks series is proving is just how many great cooks there out there in the world.

Today’s Everyday Cook is another Twitter friend. I do not know Jackie that well. [@JackieBlue4u] I see her on Twitter every once in a while and I always enjoy chatting with her, […]

What Is Enough For You?


I love spring.

I love the renewal and rebirth of life after the long darkness and cold of winter. I love the cheery colors of bushes and flowers blooming again. I love the warmth. Is there any better feeling than warm sunshine on your face? I think not.

There is vibrancy in the […]

The Heart of Leadership

I begin today’s post with a confession.

I am a fallen away Catholic and have been so for over forty years. I do not expect that to change during the rest of my life.


Nevertheless, I always follow the death of a Pope, the ensuing election, and their […]