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It has been a long slow frigid slog of a winter.

I really need more sunshine and warmth. I am tired of wearing a coat that weighs ten pounds and that gains two pounds every day, three when the sun doesn’t shine. I am tired of sloshing through snow and ice […]

Childhood Obesity Going Down


Did you heard that news?

I bet you haven’t. It did not make headlines in any newspaper that I know of. Nor did it make any TV news programs that I know of.

If you knew the real news you could not be scared or intimidated by the Food Police!


Everyday Cooks Everyday Food


Everyday Cook #6

What can I say about Pat, aka @WebGrrrrl, that I didn’t say back in October, 2012 when she shared her fantastic Pumpkin Pancakes?

There were several friends who allowed me to publish their recipes here at MTTD before I thought of the idea of calling them, Everyday […]