Everyday Cooks and Everyday Food


Everyday Cook #3

Today I share the third installment of Everyday Cooks in More Thyme’s series on everyday folks who cook up good meals.

And I am super proud today to introduce you to Ryan.

Some of you may remember my 93 year old neighbors, Floyd and Betty […]

Random Thoughts on Sandy Hook


In the days and weeks since Sandy Hook there have been millions of words written in attempts to comfort those affected and trying to understand why and how it happened and how we can prevent it from happening again.

I know I am not wise enough to explain or understand the inexplicable.


Mr. Musburger You Can Call Me Beautiful

Anytime You Want The world has gone utterly stupidly nuts!!!!

We have become overly sensitive to anything and everything anyone says anymore. It has gotten out of control. It is starting to verge on the edge of limiting free speech.

We have tied our tongues up in knots.

I have never gone out of […]