Cran-Apple Turkey Skillet


On the day before Thanksgiving I know you are super busy. So I won’t take up much of your time.

So just a recipe today.

Today I share the obligatory Day-After-Thanksgiving recipe.

And hopefully it is a useful one to since it does use leftover turkey; or chicken, pork or even ham.




I lost a long time and very good friend last week.

I, the nation, nay the entire world will never be the same.

Let us all take a moment to bow our heads in remembrance.

After 82 years in business, Hostess brands, the maker of Twinkies, is bankrupt due to the economy.


Who Wouldda Thunk It?


Good Bye Fat Tax

The very first country that imposed a tax on foods containing saturated fats is “seriously” thinking about revoking it.



Seems Danish citizens are finding a way to get around the tax.

Who wouldda thunk it?

*Shyly raises hand […]