Before the Rain


A few days ago I saw one of the most beautiful nature sequences I have ever seen in my life. When I went outside to take the first picture I had no idea what would happen next. I had no idea I would I would see and experience such a beautiful natural phenomena. […]

Bacon and Eggs Please


A high fat breakfast of bacon and eggs may be the best and healthiest way to start your day according to a recent study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, England.


Researchers theorized the first meal eaten after a night’s sleep programs your body’s metabolism for the rest of the […]

If I Had My Life To Live Over


Erma Bombeck was a fixture in my childhood in Dayton, Ohio. She was born in Bellbrook, Ohio, a small community to the east of Dayton. However, she lived most of her life in Dayton.

Erma was an American humorist who wrote one of the longest running columns in newspaper history for one of […]