People I Miss ~ Part 2


Charles Kuralt

Charles Kuralt was another kind and gentle man. He also oozed southern charm. He had a slow drawl and a grandfatherly demeanor. He sometimes sounded like a poet.

He was a TV journalist whose reports on human interest stories on the CBS News, On the Road, series highlighted ordinary Americans and […]

Miscellaneous, Updates, and Corrections


Since I want to inform you of these items in a timely fashion I will continue with the series People I Miss in my next post.

Today’s first item is an update or more precisely a continuation of these three posts: Popping Pills, Your Health forSale and the Medicare piece I published last […]

People I Miss


PREFACE: Originally I was going to highlight three people I miss in today’s post. But I could not do justice to any one of them in a short blog post. So I have decided to do a series of posts. This is Part 1.

People I Miss

No. I am not in blue […]