More Too Darn Hot To Cook Recipes


None of these recipes or pictures is going to win any food contest or food awards.

These are just plain and simple eats. They are fast, no cook, or little cook recipes for when time is short, budget is tight, and it is too darn hot to slave over a hot stove.

When […]

Too Darn Hot To Cook Recipe Round Up


The weather predictions for as far as the eye can see is more of the same hot, humid and dry weather most of the country and much of the world has been enduring the past two weeks.


In other words, it is going to be too darn hot.

You know, I really […]

Idiots On the Road


Let me begin this rant by saying that 90-95% of drivers are good and safe law-abiding drivers who are courteous to others.

It is the other 5-10 percent that I am talking about below.

Is it just me? Is my age showing or what? Or are there more crazy, impatient and stupid drivers […]