The Day After Christmas

A Poem By Anonymous It’s one day after Christmas I’m crabby and I’m broke. I’m so full of ham and fruitcake I think I’m gonna croak. It’s nice to see the relatives I wonder when they’ll leave. They’ve been camping in my bathroom since early Christmas Eve. They’re eating everything in sight and sleeping […]

Christmas Eve Fun


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve can often be a long night, especially for children. Time goes by slowly when you are waiting for Santa. We often wonder what can we do to help them and us pass the hours.

Well, I have a great line up for you of three videos […]

Christmas Magic 2011


Christmas Magic is just another way of saying, “Exhibiting the True Spirit of Christmas.” And again this year, Christmas Magic is all around us.

Last year at this time, in a post titled Christmas Magic, I shared the lovely story from the Philadelphia area about a chain reaction of giving that broke out […]