Reflections On New Year’s Eve


Tonight at the stroke of midnight we will welcome a new year.

Out with the old.

In with the new.

It is a time to look backward at the old year as we look forward to a new one.

At the same time millions of us will sing Auld Lang Syne, pretending for […]

Winter Nature Walk


If you just happened to pass by this urban location while driving in your car you would not imagine the secret it hides.

This section of Ohio Route 33 is near one of the busiest intersections in the Columbus, Ohio Metro Area. During rush hour traffic this bridge […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday


I know what you are thinking. I know!! And you are right. You are thinking: “I knew it couldn’t last.” There was no way she could do any more Wordless Wednesdays. It is a miracle she ever did three. There are just too many words in her. She always has some thing to […]