Remembering and Giving Thanks


One of the things I am always grateful for on Thanksgiving is all those in service to our country. I expand ‘service’ from just our armed forces to police, firefighters, and all first-responders.

Whether in the field or on base, even if dinner is served by the President of the United States, celebrating […]

10 Foods Under $1 Per Serving


MTTD Best Of………..

This post was originally published on September 21, 2010; a little more than a year ago. And grocery prices have risen even higer since then. And they are still rising as we speak. Last year I listed peanut butter as being a bargain. It pretty much still is. But it […]



I haven’t done an animal story in a long time.

Source: Wikimedia

I am a sap for animal stories. The one I am sharing with you today is an old story. Seems it all occurred in 2009. I missed it. Maybe you have read about it before. But until Wednesday of this […]