Popping Pills


Are Americans over medicated?

Some facts lead me to believe so.

At a yearly profit of more than $650 billion, the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable commercial commodity and industry in America. Even during the current recession, health care spending continues to grow.

Including both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines Americans buy […]

Totally Useless Trivia


For those who have made it home from their holiday travels, as well as for those of us who just had a long weekend of eating and perhaps shopping it is back to work and our usual schedules.

That first day back to work after a break, vacation, or a long holiday weekend […]

Giving Thanks


Wednesday, November 23, 2011 It was my intent to write a new post for Thanksgiving 2011. I started writing numerous times. But I just couldn’t come up with anything. Writer’s block or something.

So I read what I wrote last year to try and get some inspiration. I had two reactions. One, I […]