Hot Diggity Dog Diggity


Hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, sausages, deli meats have all been demonized by the food police as not healthy.

For years we have heard that grilled meats and meats cooked at extremely high temperatures are bad for us because of the cancer causing carcinogens, or HCA’s in them. HCA’s have been linked to cancer.


Top Ten Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Eating Healthy and Well on a Shoestring Budget

On MTTD’s recent survey several of you asked for ways to eat healthy AND save money at the same time. I will share a few of those today and will share more in future posts.

1. Cook at Home and Use Real […]

Pumpkin Day Fun

Halloween History, Trivia, Fun Facts, and Jokes

Halloween festivities are at least 2000 years old and originated in Ireland. The Celts held a pagan festival on October 31st to celebrate the coming new year. On Celtic calendar, November 1st was the start of the new year.

The festival […]