Today I have a few unrelated topics, a mish-mash of things to share with you.

Children’s Craving of Sugar May Be Genetic

We are born liking sweet tastes. However, recent research has shed more light on this preference. Seems the preference for liking sweets is genetically hardwired into the brain from Day One.


Walking a Mile in Their Moccasins


Could you eat on $30 a week? That is about the amount of money the average food stamp recipient receives.

That is what CNN producer, Sheila Steffen, wanted to find out since this is reality for 40 million Americans during this recession. She has been reporting on her experiences all this week on […]

Did You Know About This?


I didn’t.

How come I never heard about this before? It could be because I did not watch television on 9/11/11. I just did not think I could deal with the emotional overload of that day.


But I never heard, read, or saw anything about this on 9/11/01 either. I did […]