Alphabet Stew


Alphabet Stew

By Jack Prelutsky

Words can be stuffy, as stick as glue,

But words can be tutored to tickle you too,

To rumble and tumble and tingle and sing,

to buzz like a bumblebee, coil like a spring.

Juggle their […]

The Miracle of Becoming a Reading Teacher

The Miracle of the Beginning Reader

By Jane Miller

I wiggle and I jiggle

And I rock upon my chair.

I wiggle my lose teeth,

and I twirl a strand of hair.

I kick my foot with […]

A Curriculum Fable


Back to School Week Continues

I love the following. Some college professor handed it out in class one day. I don’t even remember who or when any more; don’t even remember what subject. It was so long ago, in the 1960’s.

But I did keep it lo these many years. I think it […]