Out of the Mouth of Babes

As another school year nears the end a first grade teacher I know gave this assignment to her class. She gave each child one half of a well known proverb, and had the student complete the saying.

Here are some of the gems she received.

Don’t Bite the Hand That……….Looks Dirty.

Two’s […]

The Best Is Yet To Come

Researchers have discovered that people reach peak happiness in their eighties.

The study was one of the largest studies on this topic and was a joint effort by British and American researchers. The research was based on over 2 million people in 80 countries. And with very few exceptions the […]

Stress Management

I get hundreds of forwarded messages in my Email In-box every week. These Emails run the gamut of funny, seen it before, to inspirational.

I often wonder if the emails I receive are truth or fiction. I check the websites Truth or Fiction and Snopes to try and ferret out the Emails […]