On Overload

I don’t know about you, but I am on overload right now.

The harsh winter. The lack of sunshine this spring. Tsunami in Japan. All of the rain. Rising food costs. Rising gasoline costs. And now over 100 tornados in the south yesterday. And worse, seeing the massive destruction when day broke […]

One Potato Two Potato

One potato, two potato, Three potato, four, Five potato, six potato, Seven potato, more!

Why stop at seven? Today there are over 200 varieties of potatoes.

Not bad for a tuber that was once thought to be poisonous and banned in many countries.

Potatoes are hardy, nutritious, and very versatile.


Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Today is the 448th Anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare.

OK. I heard that!!!! I can hear those moans and groans from clear across the nation and the oceans blue, you know.

It is always sad for me that my chosen profession of […]