Benefits of Family Meals

Today’s topic is Family Meals and the benefits of eating together as a family. Eating is a social activity. Breaking bread with friends and family is more fun than eating alone.

There is a also a growing body of research and evidence that the family that eats together reaps many benefits.

Here […]

Pet Ten Commandments

We have talked before about the benefits of animals and pets to our well being. And our fine furry friends ask for so little in return. Do we owe them anything?

I think we do.

First there is the Biblical, “Whatever ‘ye do to these the least of my brethren……,” you do […]

Stress Busters

There is little doubt that most humans have positive reactions to animals. There appears to be a kind of bonding between the human species and the animal kingdom. About a year ago I wrote a post on recent research that Pets Help Alleviate Stress.

That is why I call animals Stress Busters […]