More On Family Meals


I have a follow up to the Benefits of Family Meals post. I don’t know why this article did not show up when I did the initial research. You will have to ask BING and Google that question. I do know that since ‘they’ have changed their search algorithms I find internet […]

Crystal Ball Gazing

I remember when I was in 5th grade, 1955-56, we read in Our Weekly Reader, a newspaper for grade school students, predicted that one day we would have telephones where we could see, in real time, who we were talking to. And so it came to pass.

But not all predictions come […]

Stand By Me

On tap today a little musical interlude for your Sunday morning or afternoon.

I love the following video. First I like the song. Second I love this take-a-trip-round-the-world version of it. And third I love what the Foundation does.

First the video:



The creators of the […]