More Christmas Magic

It wasn’t just Philadelphia last year as I reported in my last post . It seems the real spirit of Christmas is alive almost everywhere.

On Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri a Secret Santa continued a yearly tradition by passing out $100 bills in stores, in food pantries, and anywhere people gathered.


Christmas Magic

There is no doubt. Christmas and all of the winter holidays is a special time of year. It is an all too brief few weeks in each year where we open our hearts to love, to hope, to giving, and to sharing.

No where was this more evident than last year in […]

Living Off America’s Waste

Kudos to Wal-Mart for their company wide policy of donating, “short-dated or mildly damaged foods,” to foodbanks.

Thumbs down and big, loud BOOS to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for throwing away, “perfectly edible foods,” in their dumpsters.

According to both Jill Ettinger of Organic Authority and […]